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To reserve a project, edit this page and add your surname(s) in the Group field of the appropriate project. Selection is FIFO – if a project already has a name you cannot reserve it anymore. Do not edit a reservation made by somebody else – the wiki preserves revisions, so I'll be able to reconstruct who got there first, but I'd rather not have to do it. Also, edit the page once you have decided on a project – the write lock will be kept only for a limited time. A detailed presentation of the projects can be found here.

Standard Assignments

Standard assignments are based on the ACSE compiler, assembler and simulator used during the lab activity.

Number Title Group Uploaded work
1 LanCE Type extension weiqing zhou, hasan mustafa
2 LanCE scopes + Symbol Table
3 Code Generation Java Bytecode Valeh Moghadam
4 Intermediate Representation
5 Multi-target: LLVM, GNU Lightning Jovanovic, Jesic, Janjusevic
6 Multi-target: x86/nasm, Arm (w/ functions) Gherardo Gorni, Adrian Krdu
7 Multi-target: MIPS, Arm, x86/nasm Bolognesi, Kunz, Serena
8 Multi-target: VEX, Simplescalar Magnoni, Perna, Papateodoru
9 Multi-target: x86/nasm, x86/GNU (w/ functions)
10 Struct/Union + No ADDI Massimo Chelodi, Andrea Malignaggi
11 Struct/Union + No Scc Volodymyr Sydoruk, Enrico Congiu
12 Typedef/Goto + Accumulator Rami Baddour, Andjelka Ninkovic
13 Pointers + x86/GNU as Code Gen. Deniz Kabakci , Yucel Sahin
14 Vector operations + x86/NASM Code Gen.
15 Dynamic memory allocation

Completed Assignments

Title Group Uploaded work
Reaching Definitions Bruna Jardim, Pierpaolo Marcon
Available Expressions Katarina Balac Ivana Pavlovic
LanCE Floating Point Daue Natalia, Vinay Patil
Instruction Scheduling + VEX Code Gen. Stefano Carucci,Mauro Pisano
Typedef/Goto + No Scc Carlo Caione Marco Davi
Functions + x86/NASM Code Gen. Ameya Tipnis, Sk. Alimur Rashid
Functions + Arm Code Gen. Varun Nagpal, Erkan Diken
Code Generation Sparc Mohammad Al Hissi, Moataz Ragab
Code Generation LLVM Nikolaos Christianos, Antonino Battaglia download
Code Generation GNU Lightning Konstantinos Padarnitsas, Ioannis Argyris download
Code Generation M68000 Laura Micconi & Luis Garcia
Code Generation Simplescalar Amr Yehia, Ashraf El-Antably
Pointers + Alias Analysis Agrawal Tanish, Tendulkar Pranav
LanCE Functions SABIR Brahim, Dick Abad Sent in 15/02
LanCE char/short Oleksiy Kasilov Armen Poghosov Sent in 31/01
Recursive descent parser Grishaeva Anna, Petrini Giacomo Sent in 7/02
Code Generation x86/GNU as Vergara, Moreno Sent in 31/01
Code Generation x86/NASM Borlenghi, Memmi Sent in 6/02
Code Generation Arm Mahesh, Nima Sent in 31/01
Code Generation AVR Dellagana, Pezzino
Code Generation MIPS Velasquez, Murillo Sent in 1/02
Code Generation VEX Chetan V, Naresh N Sent in 6/02
Register Allocation Vallejo Monica Sent in 14/02
Available Expressions Manickathan Lindamol Sent in 8/02
Increment + No ADDI Fercu, Filipovic Sent in 13/02
Increment + Accumulator Jovic, Brankovic Sent in 13/02
Pointers/Goto + No ADDI Amrit Kumar Panda, Gaurang Upasani Sent in 31/01

Special Assignments

Number Title Group
17 OpenMP to pthreads
18 OpenMP to CUDA
19 CUDA to pthreads Anadi,Shoaib,Sudhanshu
20 CUDA to OpenMP
21 OpenCL to pthreads
22 OpenCL to OpenMP
23 Cryptolang to VHDL compiler
24 Cryptolang to C compiler Abrahamyan Mariya, Podryadchikova Ekaterina, Katarina Jankovic
25 ACSE 2 Front-End development
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