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This area is devoted to news related to the course of Software Compilers.

Lexical Analysis

I've uploaded the slides and exercises for the first lab.

Sorry for the delay,


· 2008/11/17 09:10 · Giovanni Agosta

Forall Statement and Array Initialization

On the main Software Compilers page you can now find the exercises we've seen today, as well as the complete ACSE system (with the applied patches). Use this one for the projects.

For Statement

I have uploaded the implementation of the C-like For seen during the last lab.

I'm still waiting to upload the solution for the Python-like for to see if someone manages to send it and get the 0.25 bonus.

· 2007/12/14 22:49 · Giovanni Agosta


Tomorrow (13/12) I will describe the project assignments. There is a new assignments page where you can select your project.

· 2007/12/12 11:34 · Giovanni Agosta
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